Friday 16 June 2017

Perth's Dynamic Duo

The dynamic duo of brother and sister, Dr Jason Tan and Mrs Vivien Yap, have a few things in common – they are both self-made, incredibly dedicated to their work and believe in giving back to the community. 

Mrs Yap and Dr Tan at the After-School All-Stars' Charity Event.
Growing up in Perth, they have always been there for each other and supportive of each other especially in their respective charity endeavours. 

Dr Tan founded the WOMEN Centre, the first private centre for women’s health in the Western Australia that engages in a multidisciplinary approach and treats the patient as a whole person, not just a disease or condition, until she regains her quality of life. 

Mrs Yap, on the other hand, was a pharmacist who built two successful pharmacies before switching to real estate that saw her on the fast lane to success, which earned her the reputation of the lady with the golden touch in the highly competitive real estate business and two thriving real estate agencies, LJ Hooker Dalkeith and Claremont

Dr Tan is actively involved in raising funds for gynaecological research with the St John of God Foundation. Funding for gynaecological research is not only channelled to finding a cure for gynaecological cancer, but prevention, side-effects of treatment, impact on psychological and sexual health as well as quality of life, and survivorship. A wholistic approach and more research are needed to ensure patient are not just living, but living well. More about the fundraising here

Dr Tan finished 1st runner-up at the charity's poker tournament.
Mrs Yap has always supported Dr Tan’s charity efforts and when she was personally invited by Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom she met earlier this year at a business conference, to participate in the charity that he founded – she did not hesitate to count on her little brother to be her partner in crime, or rather, in good cause. 

The charity, After-School All-Stars, which is supported by Mr Schwarzenegger’s famous celebrity friends such as Mr Sylvester Stallone and Mr Tom Arnold, aims to raise funds for after school programs for low-income and at risk youth to help keep them safe and succeed in school and in life.

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  1. Wow, what an incredible team! Perth's Dynamic Duo is setting new standards of excellence and teamwork. Their synergy is truly inspiring and a testament to what can be achieved when two talented individuals come together with a shared vision. Keep shining and making Perth proud! 💪🌟 #PerthsDynamicDuo #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork